Friday, March 14, 2008

HerStory 3: Connected Sisterhood Opening Reception

On Sunday, March 9, the Her Story 3: Connected Sisterhood Art Exhibit had their opening reception. It was a great attendance on a cool Sunday afternoon.

Probably about 75 or more people crowded a new Baltimore favorite coffee shop called Peace & A Cup of Joe on Pratt Street. People awed and googled over art pieces developed by some of the Washington, DC/Baltimore region's most talented artists.

This was my first time exhibiting at a public art exhibition. It was truly a fun experience and one that I will never forget. There were so many positive vibes and energy in the place. People had smiles on their faces and lots of laughter in the room.

The event also included a panel of women authors from as far away as Atlanta, Georgia and as close as Washington, DC. These women read exerpts of their latest books and some included an audience participation piece.

I had two mixed media pieces one entitled the "Emancipation of Rachel Midnight" and the other "I am Not My Hair." These pieces were fun to do and took my mind off of making strictly dolls. I like doing mixed media pieces because it takes the art in a whole different dimension.

My husband, Howard attended along with a my design assistant Tia Maxie. The event was co-curated by Sharon Burton, my sister of Authentic Art Consulting and Michelle Parrish of the ThickArt Collaborative.

Will I do another exhibition again? Probably later this year. I do not like to focus my art around a show or an event. I like to remain creative and let my projects run freely.

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