Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Day At the Philadelphia Black Doll Show Part 1

What a day- Saturday, May 23, 2009- at the Philadelphia Convention Center. I arose early in the morning to catch my tour bus with the ladies of the Charm City Doll Club at the College Park, MD park and ride. Once I arrived to the stop, the bus driver Sandy- who is the bomb yall- from Dillon Bus Service was already there! I was the first to arrive to attend the bus trip at 6:50 in the morning.

Soon my sister and several others arrived for a marvelous trip up I-95 to Philadelphia. All of the DC area passengers arrived ahead of schedule and then we traveled to Baltimore to pick up the rest of the members and friends of the Charm City Doll Club.

Wow these ladies were certainly serious doll collectors. I was impressed with the members enthusiasm and knowledge of dolls and their collections. Some of them even brought their dolls, showing off their fashion design skills and custom outfits made for their dolls.

On the way there, I participated in a word game- I. L.O.V.E. D.O.L.L.S. The point is to get as many words from that phrase as possible. There were also several raffles as well for worthy causes.

It was so much fun!

I traveled with my art companion and twin sister Sharon Burton, which made it even more fun.

We arrived ahead of schedule to the Philadelphia Convention Center. Once we got in, I was overwhelmed. The doll show was packed with wonderful dolls from some of the finest doll artists in the United States. The most impressive dolls were from Patricia Coleman-Cobb see photo above, Jean Henderson of Expressions of Color and a new doll artist to me, Lorrie P. Payne, of Raw Sugar! I was totally impressed with Lorrie's dolls which I believe were the most unusual dolls there. Of course Coleman-Cobb stopped the house with her beauties and Jean Henderson's gourd dolls were so impressive I bought one!

The show was sponsored by the Philadelphia Black Doll Museum. Many who traveled with us with the Charm City Doll Club were old hats to the doll show. This was my first time attending and was very impressed with the quality of dolls and artistic showmanship. I do intend to show at this event within the next two years.

I love Philadelphia! Something about that city intrigues me. Maybe because I was born there. After attending the show, my sister Sharon and I had lunch at Maggianos Italian restaurant before heading out to our second phase of the trip which is described in post #2.

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LoraSara said...

Thanks for all the photos. Tonya Dyce of the Brooklyn Doll Club had raved about the art of Raw Sugar, so glad I found your posting.