Sunday, June 21, 2009

LIBERATED MUSE VOL.1: How I Freed My Soul!

I want yall to know that my beloved twin sister, Sharon J. Burton's artwork is on the cover of Liberated Muse Productions first art inspired book entitled Liberated Muse Vol 1: How I Freed My Soul. I just purchased the book from Amazon and cannot wait for it to come in so I can get signatures from the artists as well as the editor and founding CEO of Liberated Muse, Khadijah "Moon" Ali-Coleman.

Liberated Muse Productions (LMP) is an arts-based events planning group based in the Washington DC metropolitan area. LMP was created in 2007 by writers and community activists Maceo Thomas and Khadijah "Moon" Ali-Coleman. The intent was to create events promoting artistry and awareness of issues pivotal to urban communities. LMP has become a network of dedicated artists and patrons of the arts. The Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest is an LMP landmark event.

In addition, LMP promotes artistry and has taken the lead as being the Nation's Capital's leader in supporting social causes that focus on introducing urban audiences to diverse and uplifting programming. Liberated Muse Productions have sponsored cultural events held by leading groups such as: DC for Obama, Young & Powerful for Obama, ACLU, Mentoring Today, Humanities Council of DC.

This new anthology focuses on the subject of "artistic freedom". The anthology actually focuses on the concept of freedom and freeing one's soul. The writings and visual art express that concept in various ways. Some of the writers discuss the act of freeing oneself from everything from a hopeless love affair to a pre-occupation with what other people think. Some of the writers even address the concept of spiritual freedom and forgiveness. I chose the topic because of my own struggle with freeing my artistic voice while finding a fulfilling balance between my art and my responsibilities. My own exploration of this led to me wanting to read what other people's ideas on the subject were.

Readers should expect to read personal sharings and fiction in the form of visual art, poetry, essay, and short story. The writings will make an impression that will stay with the reader for a long while after reading. Whether the reader wants to laugh, cry, be dazzled or just validated, they will connect with this anthology. The biggest thing the reader can expect is to be engaged.

The book will be the featured book on July 25 at the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest which is an annual event held in Washington DC and coordinated by Liberated Muse Productions. (I will be attending the event and will have for sale a few mixed media art pieces and art dolls!)

The book promotion was launched this past Friday, June 19th with readings from the book at the Potter's House in Adams Morgan in DC. Proceeds from the event funded a book & housing deposit fund for students from east of the river in Washington, DC who are attending college in the Fall.

Yesterday evening Saturday, June 20th I attended a show sponsored by Liberated Muse at the annual Artomatic Exhibition in Washington, DC which is a month-long art festival that takes place in DC as well. The Liberated Muse Artomatic shows are June 20 and July 3 on the Artomatic Solo Stage (see announcement above). The production features readings from the book with music performances from prominent DC-based singers and musicians.

The most exciting thing is that I am a member of Liberated Muse Family and have found the organization, top notch, professional and a clear advocate for artists!

Congrads to Khadijah, Maceo, all the artists that participated, including my sister Sharon for a wonderful book and demonstration of art at its' finest in Washington, DC. PEACE!

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