Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Art School of Dolls: Reflection From NY Doll Collecting Examiner

Elizabeth de Almeida is the Art Doll Collecting writer for the New York Examiner. I really love her tweets and her writings on doll collecting. I thought her latest entry dated September 28th was quite educational and informative. Quoting directly from her post:

"In all forms of art there is a school of thought, imagery and style; a method within the productions and creations of artistry; a discipline that brings fruition to new forms which is used to express culture, tradition, life and vision.

In doll artistry there are different types of schools that promote such characteristics of descriptive visuals or style and artful methodology; Schools of style, such as folkloric, realism, surrealism, modernism and primitive art. When such schools of vision are spoken of, usually paintings, marble or bronze statues and sculptures come to mind. But these schools of visions apply also to the artistry of dolls. Whether the subject matters are dolls of fashion to historic eras, or from cloth dolls to dolls of porcelain and sand, doll artistry presents that imaginative metrology of technique, tradition in training, discipline in the pursuit of perfection and professionalism.

Doll Artistry is a school of many revelations. It is a school of ingenuity, imagery, originality, that holds up strongly in the world of art.

Doll artistry is a collective body of works, that continues to be sought out by enthusiasts, so that all who come in contact with these creations, share in the creative spirit that doll artistry can convey through the world of doll collecting."

WOW! I love how she puts everything in such a way that to me explains what doll artistry truly is. Particularly I am intrigued with her various "Schools". I cannot wait for her next article on primitive dolls.

To read more check out Elizabeth de Almeida's post here

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