Sunday, October 31, 2010

My HOT FLASH Interview in Pamela Hastings New Book!

I am honored to be included in Pamela Hasting's new book entitled, Hot Flash! A Celebration. Pamela is a wonderful nationally renowned doll maker. Through some informal conversations late last year, she invited me to join some of the most talented and creative doll artists across the country to interpret the meaning through a doll of Hotflash.

Now just so you know, I am not in my menopausal years yet, but know enough about it through watching my mother go through it as I was going through my puberty to teen years!

This book is a seven-year project undertaken by Pam. It is an inspiring collection of stories and images of dolls and paintings, on the wide-ranging theme of HOT FLASH--inspiring stories from women from all walks of life. Once you read this you will want to share this with your friends, and add your own experiences to the mix.

I was asked to fill out a short questionnaire about Hot Flash and what it means to me. Check me out on Page 98-99. Here are a few of my answers:

Question: What does the term HOT FLASH mean to you?
Me: It means the most important time in a woman’s life when she transitions to a mature, accomplished, and meaningful life.

Question: What did you always dream of doing? Have you done it, and if so, would you tell us about how you were able to fulfill your dream? Have you done/accomplished anything since you turned 25/40/60 that has surprised you, surprised your family or other people? If so, how has that achievement changed how you see yourself? Has it changed your remaining aspirations?

Me: I always dreamed of being a musician. A singer, songwriter and producer. I have not done it yet. But some day I will. Bought a guitar some years ago and need to get my lessons. I have started two creative businesses one an interior design firm and the other a mixed media art studio. Both of which have studios outside the home which I am proud of, surprised by me and my family members. This accomplishment has changed my thinking and I have truly been inspired by what one person said to me several years ago “I believe you can be successful at anything you set your mind to.”

Question: What advice at your age now....would you give to yourself at age....? Would the younger you have listened to the older you? How would that have changed the way your life is now?

Me: The best advice I can give someone at my age is not to take yourself too seriously and always follow your dreams. Find what it is you are meant to do on this earth and do it! Knowing how I was when I was younger I probably would not have listened to me. If I had of followed the advice I am giving now, I probably would have had a much happier and meaningful life in my 20’s and 30’s.

To get more of the interview, I invite you to purchase this book. Go to Pam's website and order it here


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