Monday, June 25, 2012

Where Have I Been???

It has been about a year since I last posted. Why? There have been so many changes and events that have taken place since I last spoke to you. Last year I lost my father various breakups in relationships, transformation, travel, and self discovery. Finding the truth about others, their addictions, their dark sides. Processing discoverings, truths and trying the find the silver lining of it all. This process has led me to become disenchanted with my doll work and lost my sense of creativity. I had an artist block. You see what I do is a manifestation of my relationship with the Creator. My hands have power. To make, to love to heal and to create works of art. It is not by accident. When you disengage from the Creator then you disengage from life. You see it is not about other people and their stuff. It is about you, how you view yourself and thus how that interacts with others. Has this ever happen to you? I am now reemerging my senses and my art is calling me in a spiritual way to get back to work. I am beginning to work on a new series soon that will chronicle my journey within the last year to self-discovery, healing and loving myself for who I am and not simply what others would like for me to be or how they want to manipulate me for selfish gains, profit and otherwise. Being real with yourself and with others is the most precious gift you can ever give yourself. I have been truly amazed however, of the number of people who continue to follow this blog and on the Sankofa Studio Facebook Page. Truly phenomenal, given I have not been very active in the last year. This is the testiment to the power of the Sankofa Dolls and what they mean to people. I love you all for being patient with my journey and being there in your own silent way. Supporting me and I love you for that. People come and go in our lives for a reason. Some subtle and some not so subtle. We are taught by those who come into our lives to learn one of two things: how to be and how not to be. Negative situations happen to reinforce our healing and growth. We can choose to stay in a place where negativity lies and be reinforced by it or we can simply choose a better way. Whatever we want in life is based on our belief and connection to the source. Whatever that is for you. I am beginning to learn to breathe through my experiences and expand on who it is that I know I am and what I am striving to be. Now it is time to journey back to the spiritual place where my dolls evolve and where and when they are born. I look forward to having you there, supporting, cheering and loving me and Sankofa Doll Artistry. Namaste, Sherry

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