Sunday, April 27, 2008

CNN Honors Woman Who Teaches Children to Make Dolls

It is really inspiring when dolls make the news. At CNN they have a special award for Heroes, and one of those so honored is Viola Vaughn.After the sudden death of her 26-year old daughter left 5 grandchildren in her care, Viola Vaughn, a Detroit native, moved to Africa with her husband to raise them. When her husband died, she began home-schooling her grandchildren. Locals took notice, and soon she began teaching girls who failed or dropped out. Her "10,000 Girls" program helps girls teach each other and become entrepreneurs. One of the ways they support the fast-growing school is by making dolls. You can read her story here.

This link is to a video of the children making dolls that sell all over the world: We wish to thank Viola and all those who share their talents to help make the world a better place.

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Beautiful dolls...Congratulations for teaching, Best wishes,