Sunday, April 27, 2008

Doll Noir VI- A Celebration of the Black Doll Artist!

Oneeki Design Studio, Francine Haskins Studio, and The Graham Collection presented The Sixth Black Doll Artist Doll Show and exhibition on Saturday, April 26, and Sunday, April 27, at Paula Whaley's Oneeki Design Studio on 2103 N. Charles Street in Baltimore, Maryland.
Ms. Whaley is the youngest sister of the late great James Baldwin. It was a pleasure being in the same show with this wonderful lady and great doll artist.

This exhibit featured one-of-a-kind dolls and works of up to 14 local and nationally renowned doll artists (Gwen Aqui, Betty Baines, Daisy Carr, Patricia Coleman-Cobb, Francine Haskins, Viola Leak, Carrie Lyles, Christopher Malone, Adrienne McDonald, Tonya Mitchell, Malinda Saunders, Elerie Thomas, Tamara Thomas, Paula Whaley and more).
The exhibit was well attended with a steady stream of patrons, doll makers and collectors from all over the region!
My classmates in the Francine Haskins Doll Workshop also exhibited including myself in the "doll in the box" series. I exhibited a doll in a very decorative box which I titled "Changing woman" and the other was a mini action doll exhibit called, "Yoga Divas," in which I positioned two dolls in yoga poses in a mini yoga studio.

My mentor and friend Francine Haskins spoke about the importance of being true to your creativity and encouraged all in attendance to continue to create. There was a discussion about what makes collectors collect doll art as well as what inspired the artists to create their designs.

I felt truly at home and honored to be among some of the finest black doll artists in the United States.

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