Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jack Johnston's Ethnic Doll Head Sculpting Workshop!

Jack Johnston demonstrating for me sculpture techniques for my ethnic doll head.

Yours truly trying to sculpture an ethnic doll head!

A student from Flint,Michigan works aimlessly to complete her ethnic sculptured doll head.

A group of doll artists from a New York City doll club watch as Jack Johnston demonstrated a technique in ethnic doll sculpting.

I guess I did not know what to expect at the Jack Johnston Ethnic Doll Head sculpting workshop. Boy was I in for a surprise. I have never worked with clay before since silly putty so I was a little nervous. But, Jack the ever warm personality and his son put me at ease as we worked to create a head sculpture of an ethnic man, in particular, an African man. I was in wonder watching Jack and the other students in the class. It was a wonderful experience. Everyone was eager to learn as Jack spun stories about his different adventures. My favorite was when Jack told the story of meeting the late Yolanda King, the Rev.Martin Luther King, Jr.'s daughter, on a plane and making a special skin color paint after her.

Jack's techniques stunned us all! He is so quick an agile with the sculpting instrument as he turned out various doll heads with different personalities for the class to see. He also showed us a completed doll of an older what looked like a Hispanic man. I was very pleased with the workshop and will attend another if I am available.

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