Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Creative Every Day Creations- November 19th

I know I have been a little behind. But, here are some mixed media dolls I have created as part of the Create Every Day Month. I was away on travel for a few days in early part of the month and now I am catching up. These will be on display at the exhibit that I just posted about.


Carol said...

A wonderful feast for the eyes!! I am drawn to doll photo #3 :o)
Beautiful mix of colours & textures and great compositions! I am so glad I popped over to your blog (AEDM) Best wishes for your upcoming exhibition!

TammyVitale said...

came over from AEM - these are wonderful! Can you make one of them in just a day? How big are they? Obviously they are made from mixed media - very creative!(

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Brilliant work.