Monday, November 3, 2008

Art Inspiration in The Movie: "The Secret Life of Bee's"

This weekend a friend and I had the pleasure of taking in the movie "The Secret Life of Bees". This is the hit movie with Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, and Alicia Keys. One of my admired artists, Poncho Brown, told me to pay attention to the labels of the jars of honey shown in the movie.

The honey jar labels featuring a "Black Madonna" and child were created by artist, Charles Bibbs. Sure enough around the middle of the movie the jars were featured.

Sue Bee Honey announced in a press release Friday, October 21st that it is producing limited edition bottles of Black Madonna Honey. In the film, Bibbs rendering of "The Black Madonna" is seen on the labels of honey jars. It will be featured on real bottles of Sue Bee honey. Proceeds will benefit First Book, a nonprofit organization that supplies reading material to low-income families.

"The Black Madonna" is only one prong of Sue Bee's promotion, which includes a movie tie-in cookbook and in-store displays. For more info check out

This movie has inspired me to do some art around it- perhaps some dolls. Stay tuned...

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Dia said...

How delightful to find the name of the artist for the honey label on your blog! I saw the movie last weekend with 3 galfriends, & as my mama would have said, it was a 'five hankie film!!' Oh, but SO good!!
I hope I can find some of that honey

Lovely dolls - I used to draw paper dolls, & traded them with other doll artists - am artsy craftsy & love the term I learned tonite - a 'scanner' from the author of 'refuse to Choose,' about those of us that are multi-talanted & often feel scattered :) :)