Friday, August 7, 2009

Vivant Art Collection Press Release: Redefined Cultural Creativity

Philadelphia, PA - August 2009

Redefined Cultural Creativity presented by Vivant Art Collection: an exhibit featuring artists, Cheryl Durgans, Donna YaYa by Lino, Nataki McNeal Bhatti, Sharon Burton and Sherry B. Ways. Experience their personal explorations, respectively of social justice, cultural vibrancy, afro pop, historical freedom and contemporary Black dolls.

Cheryl Durgans is a writer, visual artist and cultural activist, who speaks to the social realities of ethnicity and womanhood in modern politics. Within her paintings her techinique of layering and re-using various images allows her to create abstraction, however social and political tones are evident.

Donna Yaya by Lino in her paintings embraces Brazilian culture and her feminine spiritual side while a product of her father reflects her masculinity and strength. She utilizes birght colors and bold compositions to illuminates her past memories and within the same stroke she paintings abstract suggestion what the future may hold!

Nataki McNeal Bhatti is an African aesthetic and revolutionary artist, who has created her own interpretative language, style and techinique. She is in an exploratory stage in which each work comes from different tangent degrees separate from the others. The one common thread in her paintings is the use of chroma and natural inclinations which authenticates her Accapella voice.

Sharon Burton is a mixed media artist (digital photography, oil pastel, collage, assemblage, water color and mixed media on paper, board & canvas), in which she not only explores but express the freedom of spirituality, gender issues and African American history and culture.

Sherry B. Ways personal journey as African American artist includes observation, exploration and daily reflection in which she studies and paints metaphysics, spirituality, race relations, gender, and African American folk traditions and how these factors influence the views of society.

Vivant Art Collection is located on Gallery Row in the heart of Old City, Philadelphia. Vivant features the cultural heart of lands and people of Africa, Caribbean, Latin America, Middle Eastern Diaspora and many more. The gallery also features and represents local established artists, whose artworks are all embedded with cultural stories that illuminate their perspective of past and present experiences. The mission of Vivant Art Collection is to entertain and enlighten its guest through visual art and empower them with the story and message of indigenous culture.

Saturday August 8, 2009 || 2pm-5pm
Opening Reception & Modern Tea Party
Sponsored by Exceed Magazine Celebrating Excellence and Enterprising Women!
Join us for a Black Cultural Experience!

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