Friday, January 8, 2010

New York Doll Collecting Examiner Interviews Moi!

Happy New Year everyone! One of the major surprises of the new year is the posting of my two part interview with none other than Elizabeth de Almeida, the New York Doll Collecting Examiner in a three part series entitled "The Soul of Creativity In Doll Making". Her first article of the same title introduces the reader into the art and soul of doll making. Her second article One of a kind art soul dolls – interview with doll artist, Sherry Ways-Part 1 discusses my emergence as a doll artist and inspirations. The third article Sherry Ways and spirtual challenges as a doll artist- interview part 2 delves a little more about my personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences being a doll artist.

I hope you enjoy this interview and let me know your thoughts on it. Peace!

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