Sunday, April 4, 2010

Inspiration Please No. 2: Getting Back to Art for Arts Sake!

Bought this beautiful yarn from And Sew It Goes in Savage, Maryland. Oh the trouble I can get into with this!

Check out the beginnings of a mixed media assemblage I am working on!

Working through my materials to create a large mixed media art doll piece.

Hello all! Sorry I have not blogged in a minute. Just wanted to share with you my foolings around in the art studio. I am in the process of getting some new work done. Mostly at this time, I am working on my mixed media art dolls for some shows later this year. I don't know about you but sometimes I get what I call creativity block. I have been on a block for several months trying to get my mojo back. I think it is slowly coming but I don't know. I just was excited to find some beautiful yarn at a quilting shop at in the Savage Mill in Savage, Maryland called And Sew It Goes. This yarn and vibrant colors jump started me into thinking of some cool ideas for some mixed media art dolls.

At this time, I am purposely not applying for any new shows and such. I feel like I want to go deeper with my art and emerge next year with some really cool stuff. Oh that does not mean that I will not be in any shows this year, I am just not focusing my work to compete with any other artists at this time. Recently while talking with fellow studio artist there emerged this treadmill theme that we felt we were both on: creating art in a rush to be able to participate in shows just to be in them. We found that we were creating art without meaning. Just fitting a theme. This artist made a profound statement about his mission is to "get back to art for art sake." I truly believe this as well. We both agreed that art and the process for doing it should be an enjoyable experience.

So I am in a cocoon waiting for the moment the butterfly will arise and fly through the sky in all its beautiful splendor

Happy Easter!

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