Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hello world! Just wanted to let you know I will be in another exhibition at the start of the new year at the Sandy Spring Museum in Sandy Spring, Maryland! It is entitled The Shape of Things to Come. I am honored to be the doll artist among some extremely talented women artists of the Washington, DC area.

A Creative Collaboration

It all started when Cynthia Farrell Johnson, a painter, met Sharon Keyser Jackson, a fiber artist. Each admired the work of the other. They mused about the possibility of doing a joint project some day. A little over a year after that initial conversation, they hit upon an idea. Johnson would create four designs and Sharon would interpret them as tapestries. Johnson invited longtime friend and an extraordinary quilter, Lezetta Moyer, Johnson to join the group. The next artist drawn into the project was Johnson’s sister, Betty Farrell, an accomplished knitter who has collaborated with her sister in the past. When Desiree Sterbini, who does exquisite oil pastels, heard about the project, she wanted to join. Wanting to find a way to bring a three-dimensional artist into the mix, and remembering a doll exhibition they had seen at Sandy Spring Museum, the group invited Sherry Burton Ways to join. Altogether their work celebrates the many ways that artists express themselves. The titles from each of Johnson’s original paintings form the common thread.

They are:

--Out of Kilter

--Balm in Gilead

--In Full Bloom

--Hearts and Minds.

These titles hold a different meaning for each person. The goal was not to copy Johnson's initial design, but rather to express the meaning each one held for the artists. The titles, colors, and moods inspired these artists’ derivative works in unique ways.

This is the shape of things to come. If we are to create something new, we form creative collaborations. It is the best way forward.

Here are the particulars:

Exhibition Dates: January 5- March 27, 2011
Opening Reception: January 9, 2011

Sandy Spring Museum
17901 Bentley Road
Sandy Spring, Maryland 20860

More to come!

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