Monday, December 27, 2010

THE ULTIMATE ARTIST: Lady Tee Transitioned at 54

Since I was 12 years old I was captivated by this Caucasian soul singer protege of the late Funkster Rick James. Teena Marie died in her sleep on December 26th at her home in Pasadena at the age of 54. She was found by her beloved daughter Alia Rose.

In case you did not know, the first several songs you hear on my blog is none other than Lady Teena Marie. I have saved my favorites. They are pick me ups for me whenever I enter this Sankofa Doll Journal Blog.

You know in 1989 I owned every recording she had ever done? I am not sure what it is about her music that I loved so much. She was an avid reader and a lover of words. I feel like I just lost one of my best friends...

Several reports say that she had a massive seizure about a month ago. I did not know. One report says she may have died of a heart attack in her sleep. However, Alia and her family are keeping the cause tight and I don't them. My heart and soul goes out to her daughter and her family and friends.

It was always my dream to meet her in person and talk to her and though that never happened I still feel very close to her. In my mind, I never thought she would leave so soon!

My favorite of her recordings, of course was the monumental LP "It Must Be Magic." Her lyrics to songs dug so deep within me and I was honored to attend several of her concerts in later years.

One of my favorite liner notes appeared on one of her earlier LPs:

"I have always known there was a purpose in pain as well as joy... for the fine lines of my face remind me of the people who put them there."

I have come to embrace the friendship of so many of her friends on Facebook and I am honored that they have embraced me as their colleague as well.

There is a movement to get her a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I hope NOW that she will be recognized for the contributions to art and music that she so surely deserves. I hope now this happens.

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