Saturday, June 7, 2008

H3 at MOCA Georgetown, June 6, 2008

On a humid and hot friday evening, I visited the MOCA Gallery in Georgetown, DC to take in the reception for H3: Remix of Herstory. I have two works there currently. They are the "Emancipation of Rachel Midnight" and "I am not My Hair", both mixed media pieces. The event was hosted by my twin sister, Sharon Burton of Authentic Art Consulting and Michelle Parrish of Thick Art. It was a wonderful evening full of wine and good conversation with some of the DC areas most talented women artists. It was my first time at MOCA DC and I really love the venue. This event has showcased my other art pieces which are not necessarily dolls. I am really enjoying my artist life. It is refreshing to hang out with some of my artist friends and being totally my artsy self!

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zeecee said...

I enjoyed seeing your work and the wine and dining after the event...Thanks for your encouragement and artistic eye. Your piece "I am not my hair" should be shown nationally.....Remember, "it's deeper than the roots!"