Monday, June 23, 2008

Meeting Poncho Brown & Sharon Tucker in Philly!

Oh how I love art and music festivals! Especially in a city that definitely knows how to do it right- Philadelphia, PA. My love, my home, my city of brotherly and sisterly love! I had a great opportunity to visit my birthplace and attend the West Oak Art and Jazz Festival yesterday, June 22,2008. It was purely a blast. In full disclosure, I wanted to see in person, Sharon Tucker, one of the well known, African American doll artists on the east coast. Sharon was conducting a doll workshop there and I wanted to meet her and learn from her. Indeed I did. She was so open and willing to share which I believe is rare for African American doll artists and any profession to do for some reason. Giving back is of primary importance to Sharon who shared with me how frustrating it was when she started, 15 years ago, for others, particularly African American doll artists, to share with her various doll making techniques. Her workshop was to put together a doll. It was demonstration and lecture on the art of doll making and what is important to remember. My eyes were attentive and stayed placed on her as she took us through a quick run through of a doll making excercise. I was so amazed at her style and grace and that she "got real" with me and others she encountered. This personality sold me and in fact I purchased two of her dolls to take home with me.

I also met great artists Poncho Brown and Charles Bibbs while I was there. Both of these gentlemen were very down to earth. Poncho during his workshop preached about the need for all of us to look around our homes and see if we can identify any portion of our ancestry in it. He also talked about spending money on things that will appreciate like art and giving back to our community. Lastly, which I really liked, he showed his techniques and encouraged everyone to look at their creative side and find a way to cultivate it. I really enjoyed my Sunday afternoon in Philly! Peace to the artists who attended!

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Michelle Davis Petelinz said...

'Sounds like a wonderful time! Poncho and Charles are truly great men and fantastic artists; I've been in several art festivals with them over the years.