Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sankofa Dolls Represented by Echo Gallery

Echo Gallery in Washington,DC is representing Sankofa Doll Artistry for the first time. Two of my dolls in the photos above are being sold through the gallery.
This is an exciting time for Sankofa Doll Artistry!

About Echo Gallery:

Looking for eye-popping, contemporary, multicultural art, with a concentration on Afro-centric motifs? Look no further than Echo Gallery, located near B. Smith's restaurant in Union Station in the heart of downtown Washington, DC.

Whether it is local talents or craftspeople you are looking for, Echo Gallery has it all. Leather works from Niger, batiks from Kenya, figurines from Jamaica, and jewelry from India, and that is just the tip of the mountain. Their myriad of collectibles and unmatched "one of a kind" innovations appeal to novices as well as experts in the art discipline. So, regardless of whether you want to peruse their works of art, or are interested in expanding your cultural horizons, Echo Gallery is the place to go!

We are so pleased that the Gallery is interested in our work and we will continue to supply them with the best in our doll artistry! Please support us through Echo Gallery!

For more information contact:
Union Station - East Hall
P.O. Box GE168
Washington, DC 20002

Tel. (800)950-3932
Tel. (202)842-8400
Fax (301)459-1811

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