Monday, March 8, 2010

Artist Sherry Ways Participates in La Femme Mystique: A Tribute To Women's History Month

Hi I am one of four artists participating in the curated La Femme Mystique, A Tribute to Women's History Month exhibition, March 5-30, 2010 at The Vivant Collection in Philadelphia's gallery row!

If you could define femininity, what would it mean? What would it look like? How would it feel? Vivant Art Collection presents a unique and intimate portrait of the hearts and souls of women. It's the allure that combines the mind, body and spirit and capturing the essence...La Femme Mystique curated by Gallery Assistant Simone E. Banks.

This exhibition is an exploration of the femininity that exists in the "everyday" women. Experiencing the power womanhood, can only be achieved by exploring yourself and engaging in mystique... Take a journey with our featured artists. La Femme Mystique opens March 5, 2010 at Vivant Art Collection, 60 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA. Join us for a Special Artist Reception is scheduled March 20th - 4pm - 7pm! Meet the artist and enjoy a gallery tour by the artist as we look into each piece further.

The art in this show reflects my personal journey as African American artist. In particular my observation, exploration and daily reflection on metaphysics, spirituality, race relations, gender, and African American folk traditions and how these factors influence the views of society.

Other artists in the show include:

Nadine Lafond. Nadine Lafond is a painter and mixed media artist who works on paper, canvas, wood and found objects, creating images that explore journey and dimension through the layering of symbols. Relying on cues from Nature and personal experiences, her work layers the bird's eye view and the eye to eyeLichiban encounter at once.

Lichiban is situated at the intersection of pop surrealism and fantasy art... exploring & defying her fascination with borders, limits and ambiguous dividing lines. She is a Hungarian born, Brooklyn-based self-taught visual artist, illustrator, art director, curator, and full time creative hustler.

Madame C. J. Walker Frances Bradley is not only an artist she is a humanitarian and an activist. Her strong passion for change in the community has fueled her passion to dedicate herself to forming "The Murals for Mali Project." The mission of the organization is to rally artists and visionaries to work as a collective to teach art and social awareness to the youth in Mali.

Philece Roberts is an artist at heart and a designer by trade, musically inspired and culturally stimulated. Her art is a freedom of expression, in which she finds the meaning of life's truths and understanding through her growth and revelations. It is in the essence of her work that she defines herself as a woman and her pieces bring to life, her eternal love affair with art.

Nataki Mcneal Bhatti is an African aesthetic and revolutionary artist, who has created her own interpretative language, style and technique. She is in an exploratory stage in which each work comes from different tangent degrees separate from the others. The one common thread in her paintings is the use of chroma and natural inclinations which authenticates her Accapella voice.

Vivant Art Collection is a cultural arts gallery located in Old City, Philadelphia. Vivant features art from Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America Diaspora, specializing in Haitian art, masks and ceramics, which are all as vibrant, rich and bold. The mission of Vivant is to entertain, enlighten and empower through the arts, building a bridge between the art world and the community.

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