Monday, October 12, 2009

The Journey: Dolls for A Soulful Purpose

Yours truly after completing my mermaid soul doll!

Here she is- my soul art doll debut!

Sights of the Tactile Textile Center in Denver where the class took place!

Joyce works to create a doll of two sides.

Carolyn is getting creative!

Chris is contemplating her Art Soul Doll.

Jessica is working on her male soul doll.

Our fearless leader and instructor, Camilla La Mer demonstrates the art of Soul Dolls!

Well what can I say, my Art Soul Doll class at the Tactile Textile Arts Center, a premier art center and gallery in the textile arts in Denver, Colorado was AWESOME. Six of us came together with one soul, one purpose to learn and be inspired by none other than doll artist, Camilla La Mer. Instantly when I arrived I first met Chris who was a wonderful lady who volunteers at the art center. Then I met Camilla- so warm, thoughtful, spiritual and lovable! We hugged when we met like kindred souls.

During the class I experienced the exhilaration of spontaneous expression! Everyone who participated left their inner critics at the door as we entered a safe, non-judgmental environment where exploration was encouraged. Soul Doll Artist Camilla La Mer made the class fun and inspirational in the art of doll making. Through this experience, I embraced the opportunity to allow my creativity to reveal itself to me. Art Soul Dolls are dolls of healing and symbolism. These are the kind of dolls that I most drawn to and plan on starting a series soon highlighting them.

Camilla began the class with a poem to contemplate on called "The Journey." She also shared her own personal experiences as well as introduced us to her own beautiful Art Soul Dolls being displayed in the Tactile Textile Arts Center.

The other students: Carolyn, highly creative and inspirational, Joyce, truly an artistic gem, Jessica, a woman budding with a future in the arts, were the warmest women I ever met with a passion for all things spiritual and creativity. We all spent Sunday afternoon learning from each other, sharing stories, creating our Art Soul Dolls under the careful instruction of Camilla.

We shared a lovely lunch together and afterward completed our work and proudly displayed our wonderful creations for the day! I was so happy and inspired with all the work. I was also pleased with my own mermaid creation which I made based on a recent personal experience. She (the mermaid) will continue to give me comfort during various trials in my life.

I truly enjoyed the class and my experience. I look forward to heading back to Denver and meeting with these women again soon!

Peace & Blessings, Namaste, Ashe' Sherry


Sharon A. Keyser-Jackson said...

She is too cute! :-)

Anonymous said...

The workshop looked like it was a lot of fun!

Carolyn said...

It was a wonderful afternoon and we were so excited to have Sherry be part of it. Thank you for becoming a member...hope you'll be back for many more! carolyn

Dianne said...

It's a thrill to know this place we have all helped to create is the center of so much creativity and fiber soul work! TACtile moves with your soul through mine! What a great class. So glad it was born from our great Doll Daze gallery exhibit in the summer. Dianne, founder Exec Dir TACtile