Friday, October 30, 2009

Joy Dieting While Treating Myself to Ace of Cake!

Ok my biggest Treat of the week was to meet Duff Goldman of Ace of Cakes and get him to sign his book, Ace of Cakes: Inside the World of Charm City Cakes. I was so thrilled that this made number 1 on my list of spontaneous smile sparkers. I actually treated myself to purchasing his book and on the same day found myself at the head of the line waiting for good ole' Duff to come forward and sign the book after being featured as a noon day speaker at a conference I attended.

Here are some of my other spontaneous smile sparkers this week:

1) Meeting Duff Goldman of Ace of Cakes
2) Drinking my favorite starbucks drink.
3) Completing an art doll.
4) Listening to a song by The Beatles!
5) Receiving a compliment for my work
6) Getting a nationally known doll collector to purchase my work.
7) Hearing my husband say "I love you"
8) Watching my cat "Paka" try to "talk" to me
9) Spending time in the art studio and working on my new projects.
10) Watching the Yankees and Phillies move to the World Series.

I treat myself every day to a Starbucks coffee usually a chai or mocha. It is a little thing but it means a lot to me. Also, if I see a book, a CD or something I want to have I will try to purchase it.

I don't require much for treating. Even a hug a day will do as a treat for me.


GraceGal said...

Your week of treats was awesome! I like the little things, too, but I'll take a big week every once in a while :)

Dia said...

Gorgeous dolls! Making dolls is one of my rarely expressed passions - I always enjoy the process & seeing 'who' emerges. I had a few paper dolls pub in Doll Castle news, & a collection of PD artists years ago.

Isn't it a treat to meet an author you admire? I met Jane Howard (A different Woman, Families) ~ 20 years ago when she was in Portland for a booksigning - her bio. of Margaret Mead, & she was AMAZED that I had brot along copies of her earlier books for signing - which surprised me. I loved that she seemed to be the same person I 'knew' from her writing!
& admire the 'risk' you took walking away from a paying job & into your passion!

Kate said...

Oh what fun, I love Duff's show, it brings a smile to my face too. A lovely picture of the two of you. I am glad you got to meet him.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's the simplest things that are the most powerful for me as well! What a wonderful week you've had! :)

Ellecubed said...

Thank you for sharing your week with treats. I really love the list of smile sparkers you created.

becky n said...

It soundsl like you've got a pretty good list of smile sparkers going. I'm not familiar with Ace of Cakes - will have to check it out. Have a great week with play!

gemma said...

Great list of smile sparklers!
Good for you!
I'm smiling too!

Anonymous said...

Great blog, and you look absolutely gorgeous in this photo!

KathrynAntyr said...

What great smile sparkers. It is a treat to meet people who we admire. In a couple of weeks I will be seeing Wayne Dyer. My dear friend and I just booked a night at the Liberty in Boston -- it is a fun hotel. I can't wait!

Great job realizing how well you treat yourself.